Introducing a dedicated group of professional actors who truly embody the essence of hard work in the industry. Each actor has played an indispensable role in bringing this pilot production to life. Without this extraordinary team, our achievement wouldn't have been possible. 

Robert Davi - Sheriff Jones - Horsepower The Series

Robert davi
Sheriff Jones

From his portrayal of the opera singing baddie in "The Goonies" and one of the most popular James Bond villains Franz Sanchez in "Licence to Kill" to FBI Special Agent Big Johnson in" Die Hard" or Al Torres in "Showgirls" to most recently Leo Marks in "The Iceman " Robert Davi is one of the film industry's most recognized tough guys . He has also starred in the small screen in hit shows like Profiler, Stargate Atlantis, Criminal Minds and CSI . With over 140 film and TV credits he has frightened us , romanced us ,made us cry or split our seams laughing. Read More on IMDB Here

Joseph Sernio - Fletcher Miller - Horsepower The Series

joseph sernio
Fletcher Miller

Joseph Sernio, also known as Joseph A. Sernio, is a professionally trained and accomplished American actor with international acclaim. Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, he later relocated to Howell, NJ. His journey into the world of acting commenced shortly after graduating from Howell High School. Joseph embarked on his acting career by immersing himself in the study of various acting techniques in both New York City and Los Angeles. Additionally, he made his mark in the world of theater with his involvement in off-Broadway productions. Read More on IMDB Here

erin o'brien
Nikki Miller

Erin OBrien is an actress & stunt performer. She’s most known for her work in horror & independent films. Originally from New Jersey, Erin began her acting career in New York, studying with renowned acting teacher William Esper. She later moved to LA to pursue more opportunities in Film & Television. She now has over 40 acting & stunt credits and is very grateful for all of the wonderful acting opportunities that have come her way. Read More on IMDB Here

peter dobson
Aaron Muro

Born in Red Bank, New Jersey, Peter Dobson's illustrious acting career began at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City. At 21 Dobson landed his first starring role after being chosen from a nation wide search in the Tri-Star Pictures musical, "Sing" from the producers of "Fame" and "Footloose" This was followed by the critically acclaimed adaptation of Hubert Selby's "Last Exit To Brooklyn" opposite Jennifer Jason Leigh and Neil Simon's "The Marrying Man". Read More on IMDB Here

Malik Charles Whitfield - Deputy Kiefer - Horsepower The Series

malik whitfield
Deputy Kiefer

Whitfield has starred in dozens of prime-time shows and feature films, but one of his proudest professional moments so far is his leading role in the Emmy-winning mini-series, "The Temptations." Nominated for an NAACP Image Award for his portrayal of Otis Williams, Whitfield says people still applaud his performance, years later. A native of the Bronx, New York, Whitfield admits, "I came up through the journey of selling drugs. A high school teacher introduced Whitfield to acting, which became an outlet for him to channel his energy and passion. Read More on IMDB Here

gary cairns
Jimmy Herring

Gary is an Actor/Writer/Producer who was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Early in his career, he appeared in over twenty commercials and on a number of hit television shows (Justified, Criminal Minds). He has worked with some of the industries best such as the legendary actor Brad Dourif in "Malignant", Norman Reedus, Kim Coates in "Hero Wanted" Timothy Olyphant in the FX series "Justified" , He Co-Wrote/Produced/Starred in the Indy feature "Monumental" with /Luke Albright as well as Starred in the award winning thriller "Purgatory Road". Read More on IMDB Here

BOB SPILLMANHorsepower The Series

Caretaker David Klinger

Bob Spillman was born and raised in the small town of Kenilworth, NJ. With several acting credits under his belt he also does stunt work on both Television and Film projects. Bob is a veteran of The United States Army where he served as a Tank Driver. He has also been a professional bull rider in many rodeos. When he is not acting he runs his own construction company based out of California. Read More on IMDB Here

Lindsay MeischHorsepower The Series

Diane (Aarons Girlfriend)

This is Lindsay's first production with Holly Lake Films as both an actress and producer. She has played a very important role in the overall design of the cast and production itself. a nurse at heart Lindsay loves the production life and has excellent knowledge in the wardrobe department and overall organization of set design and on-set assignments. Read More on IMDB Here

Mark Herring

Holly Lake Films

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