meet the crew

Introducing a dedicated group of professionals who truly embody the essence of hard work in the industry. Our most recent two productions owe their success to the exceptional family of filmmakers listed below. Each member has played an indispensable role in bringing this pilot production to life. Without this extraordinary dream team, our achievement wouldn't have been possible. 

joseph sernio
producer / exec. producer / CREATOR

D.J. higgins
writer / CREATOR / DIR

Julie robinson

peter dobson

troy ruff
director of photography

DAN Robertson
1st AD / Unit Prod. manager

Producer / Production Design

Ryan Hannah
steadicam operator 

rafif haj ahmad
sfx / makeup 

ronald vidor
creative director 

Associate Producer

set photographer / bts



Chris Derner

Dan Bradbury

Pete and Joyce Keller

Le Pew Porta Johns

Mona Makes Catering

Brian Bartlett of Cortez, CO

Jonathon Brooks of Cortez, CO

Kurt Miller 

The Camera Division

Dapper Cadaver Props

Caroline Glynn & Manasquan Bank

New Rule FX Props

Ronald Vidor

Peter Dobson

Bob Spilman

PayDay Payroll

Cortez Housing Authority

Cortez Municipal Airport

Savanna Morfin Dence

Kaitlyn Rose

Jordan Dense

Anna Dense

Aspen Bumgardner & Sammy

Toni Sernio

Lindsay Meisch

PayDay Payroll Services

The Entire Shoreline Media Marketing Team

Red Rose Bakery

David Schoner and The New Jersey Film Commission

Diane Raver and The Garden State Film Festival

Stephanie Perry of SAG-AFTRA

Paul Morales of SAG-AFTRA

RedNova Creative

Laurie Spector of SAG-AFTRA

“For the ones we lost but continue to guide us through. Thank you..”

~ Joseph Sernio

HorsePower TV, LLC  ™ ®