set against the backdrop of the Wild West this modern-day western plunges into the  world of blackmail, crime and small-town politics. This series is created to craft a gripping tale of survival where trust is a rare commodity, and the line between friends and enemies blurs into uncertainty.

Following a secretive act of manslaughter, a high-profile politician finds his life hanging by a thread as dark secrets from his past threaten to unravel and expose him


At 45 years old, Fletcher Miller stands at the pinnacle of success. He is currently at the helm of a thriving campaign to secure the position of future Governor, steadily gaining ground and momentum. His confidence is bolstered by his Harvard ties and prestigious lineage, which he believes will serve as a stepping stone to a promising political career. Fletcher's prior experiences and accomplishments have firmly laid the groundwork for an inevitable presidential bid in the coming decade, and he envisions a world of boundless opportunities before him. His relentless determination propels him forward, fostering a taste for the high-speed life. Nothing appears to be able to halt his ascent, and Fletcher epitomizes the embodiment of the American Dream's privileged offspring.

Leaving his brother's wedding, Fletcher, a man in his prime, sits behind the wheel while his wife Nikki, 35, exudes an air of intoxication. As Nikki passes cocaine to Fletcher he snorts a potent line, one hand still gripping the wheel, as they share a euphoric laugh. Fletcher accelerates causing the engine to roar and the speedometer to skyrocket to 120 mph.

As Fletcher,  Nikki, and this powerful beast continue their adrenaline-fueled journey down the open road, a sense of freedom and excitement envelops them. The world rushes by in a blur of colors and sensations, but just when it seems like the thrill ride is about to reach its peak, an unexpected obstacle emerges in their path. A sudden curve in the road. For a split second, it feels as though what happens next is entirely out of their control. The car's tires screech and the car instinctively swerves, as you hear their hearts pounding in their chests time seems to slow down, and the line between control and chaos blurs.​ What happens next sets the tone for an action-packed series plunging into the world of blackmail, crime, and small-town politics crafting a gripping tale of survival where trust is a rare commodity and the line between friends and enemies blurs into uncertainty.  

THE Tone & Mood

Horsepower TV Series, Joseph Sernio, Erin O'Brien, Malik Whitfield, Robert Davi


Located amidst the serene landscapes of Cortez, Colorado, and conveniently situated near Mesa Verde National Park, and the enchanting McElmo Canyon lies the historic Canyon of The Ancients Ranch. This setting provides an ideal stage for our jaw-dropping modern-day western tale. The charming "Wagstaff" cabin, nestled within the property, serves as the iconic centerpiece of The Fletcher Ranch, offering a captivating introduction to the turbulent realms of blackmail, criminal intrigue, and small-town politics. This rustic abode sets the mood for the evocative backdrop that enriches our narrative.

The ranch opens its doors to fellow enthusiasts who share their deep passion for history, archaeology, and the captivating beauty of Southwestern Colorado. Discover more about our unique experience. LEARN MORE

THE disruptors

Sheriff Jones - Robert Davi Horsepower The Series

Robert davi
Sheriff Jones

Fletcher Miller - Joseph Sernio - Horsepower The Series

joseph sernio
Fletcher Miller

Nikki Miller - Erin O'Brien - Horsepower The Series

erin o'brien
Nikki Miller

Peter Dobson - Aaron Muro - Horsepower The Series

peter dobson
Aaron Muro

Malik Charles Whitfield - Deputy Kiefer - Horsepower The Series

malik whitfield
Deputy Kiefer

Jimmy - Garry Cairns - Horsepower The Series

gary cairns
Jimmy Herring

WHY horsepower

In the current entertainment landscape, Western, political, and crime genres have emerged as the most popular and widely viewed categories in both film and television. The Horsepower series masterfully blends these genres together, delivering captivating storytelling that ensures viewers will be eagerly anticipating each new episode, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

Featuring this star-studded cast, this pilot plunges into the  tumultuous world of blackmail, crime and small-town politics, all set against the evocative backdrop of the Wild West crafting a gripping tale of survival where trust is a rare commodity, and the line between friend and foe blurs into uncertainty. 

With the resounding success of our latest project/series, "Loved," we have honed our ability to meticulously construct, plan, and execute professional productions, harnessing the expertise of the industry's finest independent filmmakers. By assembling a team of exceptional talents, we have cultivated an environment where creativity flourishes, resulting in thoughtfully crafted narratives that resonate with audiences. From conceptualization to post-production, we prioritize excellence and ensure that every aspect of our work showcases the remarkable skills and dedication of our team. "Loved" as well as all of our past production has served as a testament to our commitment to producing exceptional content, and we eagerly look forward to continuing this tradition of excellence in all our future endeavors. We can not wait to introduce you to our newest, modern-day western series, horsepower!

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Joseph Sernio 

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